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How would you like the ability to update your website yourself without needing to call your web developer.

How would you like the ability to update your website in a simple and straightforward way. Not via a complex content management system (like WordPress) but instead via a simple and directed method that allows you to update only the things that you need.

Fischer software has developed a technology that allows you to update any part of your website yourself. We can make a single paragraph of text updatable or we can make everything updateable. We can make whatever you want updateble.

We find that most users do not want or need to change the color scheme, the page layout or the basic formatting of their website -at least not regularly- but complex content management systems like Wordpress force the complexity of all that on the user. Unnecessary complexity costs time, money and effort.

The solution is Fischer Software!

Our the technology allows users to specify exactly what they want update and ignore everything else. You just won't believe how easy it is.

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Website Development and Maintenance

Fischer Software can perform the full range of website development and maintenance functions. We can handle anything from the simplest possible site that "gets you up on the web" to complex interactive sites with advanced graphics.


Examples of what we can do are

  • Community based sites with user accounts
  • Mobile Ready sites
  • E-Commerce
  • Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Content Creation


Whether you're starting a new site which will have E-Commerce included, or looking for to add E-Commerce capabilities to an existing site, Fischer Software can help. We can provide your company with the best professional E-Commerce solution at a very affordable price.

We make online shopping easy for customers and easy to manage for website owners. From selling a product or subscription, to taking payments for items or services, our team can develop the custom E-Commerce solution perfect for your business. We can also provide expert marketing and SEO services that will drive traffic (and business!) to your site.


Fischer Software has developed a simple guide to creating an E-Commerce website that makes the process much more understandable and straightforward.

  • Acquiring the domain name
  • Providing you with hosting
  • Construction of the site itself: professional look/feel/colors/images
  • Wordpress installation and setup
  • WooCommerce installation and setup
  • Merchant Account acquisition
  • Perform adjustments to the site to match the requirements of your Merchant Account. Typically requirements include a Terms of Service page, shipping policy, privacy policy statement.
  • Install the payment gateway (Authorize.net or another gateway). Note: Authorize.net sits in between the merchant account and WooCommerce (or other online store software running on your server).
  • Perform "Trustwave certification" (PCI) which may be required by the merchant account.
  • Entry of products: product names, product descriptions, images, possible SKU numbers and intergration with accounting software/management software.
  • Setting up discounts/coupons
  • Setting up the tax structure
  • Website Support after site if finished.

Visual Communications

Looking good makes all the difference when it comes to your website and the key is visual communication.. We can craft vivid visuals to showcase the best parts of your business, while keeping people engaged from the moment they get to your site.


Quickly and directly get their attention with high quality video clips - which Fischer software can produce for you.


A great infographic can speak volumes and can even stand above. Fischer software can produce great graphics for you. We can help you share these on social networking and other sites.


Nothing is more invaluable to a great looking site than excellent images. Fischer Software can provide you with photos that generate a great impression of you and your team.

We can also show you how to share media on social networking and other sites.


Interactive User Generated Content

Fischer Software has extensive experience with creating interactive websites with options for user membership and user interaction. We can create sites that are blog oriented. We can create sites that have pay based user memberships. We can handle the even the most advanced database programming which means you can do just about anything you want with your site!